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Greek Restaurants Kingston - Greens, olive oil, spices and beef are primary components employed in Greek cuisine. Greece has a historical cooking tradition dating back over the centuries and has assimilated and developed numerous influences from nearby nations like Italy, Turkey and the Balkans. when it comes to culinary traditions. Certain popular ingredients include filo pastry, olives, yogurt, aubergine and cheese. Standard meat options contain fish, rabbit, poultry and pork.

A compilation of little dishes typically served with anise-flavored liqueurs as ouzo or home-produced tsipouro, is referred to as Mezes. In many regions pita bread is served with the delectable tzatziki dip, while other regions serve tzatziki with dried up bread softened in water. Orektika is the appropriate name for appetizers, and is usually a reference to consuming an initial plate of a cuisine apart from Greek. Numerous Greek sweets are prominent by their dominant usage of honey and nuts, such as Baklava for instance.


A fascinating fact is that several dishes could be traced back to olden times. One particular dish that has survived the Byzantine era is paximadi, a recipe made of tough bread, cured fish roe, feta cheese, rye, corn, and barley. Dried out pork sausage, called loukaniko has been traced back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods, while retsina wine, fasolada, pasteli and lentil soup begin straight from ancient Greece. On the contrary, certain dietary staples of the past have stopped to be enjoyed such as combining salt water into wine beverages and using porridge as the primary dip with sea food marinade.

Many dishes grew to be common during the Ottoman Empire and their names uncover Arabic, Persian, and Turkish origins. Boureki, mousakka, tzatziki, keftethes and yuvarlakia are just some of the array of recipes. Quite a few dishes may even be pre-Ottoman, only using Turkish names later, while other recipes started to be part of the Greek language in earlier contact with the Persians and Arabs. Some researchers hypothesize that dolmathes, a grape-leaf dish, was designed by the early Byzantians.

Standard dishes

Greek regions have numerous different cooking traditions along with a few customary ones. In view of the fact that Greek cuisine is very diverse based on the locality, it is hard to bestow a list of representative dishes. Several foods are wrapped in Filo pastry, either in substantial sheets or in bite-size triangles: chortpita, a recipe with veggies, kotopita, a poultry pastry, spanakopita, which is a spinach and also cheese meal and a minced meat pie called kreatopita are good examples of popular Greek cuisine.

Quite the opposite, the vegetarian dish referred to as "Chaniotiko Boureki" that consists of oven baked potato slices with myzithra cheese, mint and zucchini is a dish typical of the district of Chania, in western Crete. Although family members in this region may well enjoy this plate multiple times a week in the summer, it is not prepared in any other area of Greece.

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